Bridging the Digital Divide: EducaTec Program Empowering Spanish-speaking Communities

The digital divide is a major issue faced by underserved communities worldwide, and the Latino community is no exception. According to an Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) report, 57% of Latinos in the US do not have access to high-speed internet at home. Lack of access to technology and digital skills can limit opportunities for education, employment, and communication, creating a significant disadvantage for the Latino community.

To address this issue, Revolución Educativa, in partnership with the Latinx Education Collaborative, launched EducaTec, a digital skills training program completely in Spanish. The program’s curriculum focuses on increasing the understanding and use of apps and programs that facilitate communication and access between families, schools, doctors, and the workplace. The program’s unique approach includes providing child watch facilities, enabling parents to focus on their training.

EducaTec graduates pose for a picture.
The first cohort of EducaTec graduates.

The initial success of EducaTec is evident from the graduation of 23 participants, who received more than 14 hours of training. The program has also enabled participants to gain access to computers, with partnerships with the KC Public Library, Goodwill, and Google Fiber, providing computers to participants without them.

EducaTec’s success is reflected in the eagerness of the participants to practice the skills learned and access to computers, despite distance being a barrier. Participants came from all over the KC Metro area, including Missouri and Kansas.

“I personally like EducaTec because it is an opportunity to learn. They also help me with my children as they provide child watch, which allows  me to concentrate more. Thank you for making this group and for helping us learn to use the computer.”~ EducaTec Participant

To learn more about EducaTec, please contact Erika Garcia Reyes. 

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