Our Story

Every day, Latinos contribute to Kansas City’s shared prosperity. However, time and again, these contributions do not translate into long-term generational achievement.  When we launched the Latinx Education Collaborative (LEC) in 2018, our vision was to increase the representation of Latinx education professionals in K-12. 

At the same time, we saw an opportunity to further expand our reach and empower our community through political engagement and advocacy. We started Revolución Educativa, an affiliated 501(c)(4) organization, because we believe that in order to truly effect positive change and improve education outcomes, we must come together and give our communities the tools, resources and supports needed to build sustained collective power in Kansas City and beyond. 

Parent Power Pop Up

Upcoming Events

Parents & Guardians! Saturday, July 31, Harmony Park, KCMO

Your voice can help shape the future for Kansas City students. Join Parent Power Lab alongside BLAQUE KC & Revolución Educativa for a pop up with the power to make positive change in the K-12 school systems.

¡Padres y Tutores! Sabado, Julio 31, Harmony Park, KCMO

Su voz puede ayudar a dar forma al futurode los estudiantes de Kansas City. Unase al Lab El Poder de los Padres junto con BLAQUE KC & Revolución Educativa por el poder de hacer un cambio positivo en los sistemas escolares K-12.

The Mission

Our mission is to build sustained collective power for the Latinx community.

The Vision

We are committed to the Kansas City of the future; one with Latinx leaders who understand their collective power and use it to better the community for all.

Our People

Currently, there are 51,198 Latinx students in the Greater Kansas City metro area.


While improvements to high school completion among Latinos are evident, graduation rates for Latinos still trail the national average.


In the United States, there are three times as many Latino students as there are teachers. In Kansas City, just 1% of teachers identify as Latinx.


For Latinos, despite being the fastest growing subgroup in nearly every school in Kansas City Public School System (KCPSS), there is still a disproportionate underrepresentation at the governance level.